Vragen van "Den Beir"

Vragen van “Den Beir”: Charun

Vragen van "Den Beir"

Vragen van “Den Beir”: Charun


CHARUN is an Italian band from Cagliari formed in 2013, they self-released a 4 track demo called “De Ortu Solis”, and teamed up with Cave Canem DIY and As Above So Below Records for the release of their full length “STIGE”, out 1/1/2016. Combining post rock atmospheres with doom tendencies and exhausting and evocative metal driven ambiences, Charun have much to offer to instrumental rock listeners and sludgy soundscapes ones.

An Italian post-metal band you say? We interviewed them!

What is your all-time favorite song?

Nico: I have no favorite song actually, pick one from Thrice – “Deadalus” / Nine Inch Nails – “Into the void”Deathspell Omega – “The crackled book of life” .

Valo: No favorite songs, I have only great moments undelined by great artists and bands such as John Coltrane, The Cure, Deftones.

Which song is perfect for a Road Trip?
Nico: I’ve found City and Colour great for long trips on tour, so I’d say his song “Forgive Me”.

Valo: During the last tour GY!BE has been the most listened and “Storm” is a trip within another trip.

On which song do you like to clean?
Nico: Ahahahah this is a nice one, id say the album: “Haunt me, haunt me, do it again” by Tim Hecker.

Valo: “Requiem in D minor KV 626” by Mozart, Wiener Philharmoniker, Herbert Von Karajan on the top. I don’t know why, but it works!

What’s the perfect song to wake up with? 
Nico: It usually depends on the mood. “Before your very eyes” by Atoms for Peace always works.

Valo: “The Silence” is always appreciated for the first 30 minutes after waking up. 😉

What’s your favorite artist from your home city?

Nico: There are a lot of great bands in Cagliari, one I’ve grown with is called Alzheimer, one of the most underrated bands on this planet. They used to write perfect lyrics on a perfect atmosphere and yet they’re amazing people.

Valo:Alzheimer“, and probably they’ll be my favorite for my entire life.

Which artist do you think is to underrated and which one is overrated?

Nico: Let’s say… Nickelback for overrated – there’s no hard reason, they’re just bad / Fever Ray for underrated, because she’s pure genius. 

Valo: It depends on the taste, if I don’t like someone probably for me he will be overrated forever like Snoop Dogg is; otherwise, if I like someone, maybe he will be underrated forever, take Jesu for example.

If you could be one artist for a day, who would that be?
Nico: Pharrell Williams for his house, James Maynard Keenan (Tool) for his brain.
Valo: An artist? Seriously? It would be great to be a Panda or a white whale for one day.

What’s the best song to make love to? (…to ask someone out?)

Nico: Tricky question man. That should be a 30 minutes song at least! Ahahah! Let’s pick “Eos” by Ulver.

Valo: When I was “young” the entire “Disintegration” by The Cure. Now, everything slow, intense and mind blowing such as doom and drone music is…mmm, Windhand maybe? Yes, they’re awesome.

What’s the most beautiful lyric you’ve ever heard?
Nico: Smashing Pumpkins – “Ava Adore” , great album overall and Corgan has been one of my favorite writer during my childhood.

Valo: “The washer” by Slint. Probably because I was 16 when I’ve read it.

Where would you like to play a concert?

Nico: Dalhalla in Rattvik (Sweden), seriously, take a look at that.
Valo: I’d like to play on the sand, in front of the sea
Find Charun here:
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