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Vragen van “Den Beir”: In Hoodies

In Hoodies is a band operating from England but with a frontman coming from Turkey. Singer Murat tells us his story “I’ve been making songs but never shared with someone for years. Anyway, after years of writing in my room but waiting I listened some friend’s advice and send the tracks to local companies and producers. Most of them didn’t reply or said they are not interested. I’ve lost my self esteem and tried other jobs.Then one day, at a desperate time, I felt an inner power and a deep kind of desire, I send the songs to the legendary producer Chris Potter (Brit Awards-Best Producer) whose works include albums of Rolling Stones, U2, Richard Ashcroft ,The Verve) and he kindly agreed to work with me. So a while ago we made some sessions in London with Chris Potter. We gathered great British musicians and recorded many songs. Long story short, my self recorded shitty demo songs got the opportunity and recorded with the kind help of great artists and produced by a genius producer.”

What is your all-time favorite song?

So hard to answer.. This would change everyday but , I’d say.. Simple Twist Of Faith – Bob Dylan ..for me it’s one of the best songs ever written, that melody, vocals, lyrics… just amazing.

Which song is perfect for a Road Trip?

Any album from early Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits for a road trip at night. Roads at night gives me that kind of blues, ‘Grapefruit Moon’ if I have to choose one. But for a sunny day road trip, I would ask for Beach Boys- Pet Sounds. The sound of that era. hopeful yet sad.

On which song do you like to clean?

I usually listen radio during washing dishes or cleaning. Sometimes I put a record and I’ll be washing dishes in tears listening to Daniel Johnston – ”Story Of An Artist” or dancing during Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away.

What’s the perfect song to wake up with?

I’d say Radiohead – Everything In It’s Right Place and then Kid A (the song)… memories.

What’s your favorite artist from your home city?

I live in Bursa (Turkey), most of the time I am at home. I don’t go out often or listen to live music. I just try to find new music with independent magazines or online platforms. Unfortunately I dont know many local artists, but heard a new band called Nuux the other day. They are brilliant, hope many people hear them. You can check’em from here;

Which artist do you think is to underrated and which one is overrated?

Most of the so called rock bands you can see in magazines, on tv, or mainstream media from Turkey are overrated. I think many people would agree that most of the music on mainstream Turkish media is just shit. Also many of the members of that bands or solo artists are so fake like their music just heartless plastic dirt, that makes me sick.
They say pop music is cheesy, that’s ok, but when it comes to rock, punk or indie and I saw these artists posing, doing things just for fame, creating toxic music that makes people dumber, that drives me insane. I think we need good, rebellious, soulful new music and so few channels are interested to share or support that.

On the other hand there are thousands of independent musicians all over the world who make great songs, sing their heart out and no one knows. It’s the same in other art forms too, like independent movies, or art performed at street…
It’s like, if you are not in mainstream media, you don’t exist. People work their ass off in theatres, at independent projects or on streets many years and no one gives a shit about them. But when they have a part in some silly tv series or hailed at a stupid talent contest that’s completely controlled by media fatcats, suddenly they become hip and it seems okay for everyone! It’s mad!!

Also some artist are like outlaws, even they have some mainstream media support. Kanye West or Lil Wayne are great examples. I think they are really hardworking musicians with incredible talents, they have their support but also people see them as loonies.

And this thumbs up/ thumbs down or like /dislike culture one minute they love you and the next time you are on the ground. So this can change anytime. Maybe the underrated ones will be praised at some point and they will be just the same. So the music is not the problem, the main problem is the way we live, the way we consume. We just obey feeling completely free. Think we have our own taste in music.

When you release something and try to have your place between this cogs one day you see it’s all calculated and designed. Someone in suits decided and pays for that desires. How can you really feel close to an artist if at some point you understand your favorite band’s ad libs between songs at their live shows are written by a manager (and repeated in every live show), can you feel the same about that band or their songs?

I think most underrated musicians are that early blues singers. The real musicians with heart and soul and the real human beings who sing about what they really feel, play guitar and sing like they have no other chance to breath. Playing with a broken, playing with an out of tune guitar, singing about their blues those people, that soul, changed the music forever..

Anyway to give a simple example about underrated musicians in popular music, of course many people know them but i’d personally say John Maus, is a genius and so underated in here or Panda Bear, Fleet Foxes, Dan Deacon and Volcano Choir. Great music it still makes me wonder how on earth we have these incredible music on earth, and still the vast majority of the planet is listening music that is created just to make you a fool consumer. So you think less, you feel less, you just run in a rat race and you get the music what they think that’s best for you ,to make you stay just like this..

If you could be one artist for a day, who would that be?

I just want to be myself, live my life if they let me. But for one day… Bowie maybe. It must be incredible to feel the pain and joy, of being Bowie, that life, his brain, his talent, his life, his vision, everything about him is miraculous for me.. Or Jack Nicholson to feel that power of life, the desire I see in his eyes. Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David or Louis CK to have their perspective on daily life, just for one day 🙂

What’s the best song to make love to? (…to ask someone out?)

Sorry but that’s too personal I can just say Indian Summer from The Doors is so special for me in that vein.

What’s the most beautiful lyric you’ve ever heard?

The Smiths – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
Good times for a change see, the luck I’ve had can make a good man turn bad…

Just the tone of the vocal, that great emotions inside it and the melody, directly gives you the feeling. I think that’s one of the most incredible things about music; when the words combine with their sounds and the melody carries them to a place that never existed before.

At which place would you love to play a concert?

Nowadays, I feel so confused about live performance. Nothing is like what I imagined. The things surrounds me as a new artist, going to concert places, dealing with people who have the power to support you but don’t give a fuck, just care about money, generally people in music industry, it just breaks my heart. So that won’t be a venue, a bar or something like that, I’d rather play at an abandoned kindergarden or at a park with few people. How about a hospital playing and singing to people who have little hope to survive but has desire to live? That’s because I feel really close to them and those cold places. Also i’d really like to perform at a pride walk. But at last I’ll just perform at my home and record or stream it live, anyway who cares really?

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