Vragen van "Den Beir"

Vragen van “Den Beir”: LIANA


What if you could take a trip to an another dimension, a world that you can only visit by night. Surrounded by the beauty of all your dreams, carrying your way on the dark, oriental, mysterious, angelic guitar melodies and vocals. As if Lana Del Rey is playing the set by The XX. That’s where you’ll find the two sisters Lia and Lena Göçer, better known as LIANA. They write and produce their own songs. So where do they get the inspiration for their oriental influences? Very simple; born in the Netherlands, but by origin Armenian/Turkish.

We asked the girls some questions.

What is your all-time favorite song?

To choose a favorite song is a hard thing to do, but there’s a song that we listen often lately and that is “Ritual Spirit” by Massive Attack. A beautiful song, it’s like you’re in dream while listening to it. Kate Moss is also starring in the music video, what more can you ask for?

Which song is perfect for a Road Trip?

The song ‘On Fire’ by Bruce Springsteen is amazing for on a road trip. The sounds that are used in the song gives us a calm and a free feeling. Perfect while driving in your car.

To which song do you like to clean? 

We love to do the dishes to the song ‘Magnets’ by Disclosure ft. Lorde. It’s a mid up-tempo song, which makes you feel sexy while cleaning the house.

What’s the perfect song to wake up with?

When you listen to the lyrics ‘I Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day’ it instantly makes you feel happy. The song is called ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations. It has such positive lyrics and good feel to the song in overall. It just makes you want to step out of bed no matter what time it is!

What’s your favorite artist from your home city?

We don’t have a favorite artist from our home city, but there is a guy which we think is very talented. His name is Daniël Dols, known as Aurix and he writes and produces his own songs. We think his productions sound very good!

Which artist do you think is too underrated and which one is overrated?

Inc. is a duo from Los Angeles and they are two brothers. The fact that they are two brothers and write/compose their own songs got our attention very quickly, because we are two sisters and write/produce our own songs as well. Their music sounds mysterious and we just love their production. They deserve to be more in the spotlights.

If you could be one artist for a day, who would that be?

If we could be another artist for one day, we would like to be Abel Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd. It was like his popularity grew out of no were. One day he was known just in the underground scene and the other day the whole music business knew who he was. The most important reason is his music, he writes so many amazing songs. So we’d like to know what is going on inside his head when he’s writing.

What’s the best song to make love to? (…to ask someone out?)

‘I’m so into you, I can barely breathe’. Isn’t that enough to show how you feel about that one person you’d like to go out with? That’s why we would pick the song ‘Into You’ by Ariana Grande to let that one person know how much we’re in love with this person. And no, we haven’t used that song for ourselves.

What’s the most beautiful lyric you’ve ever heard?

Picking the most beautiful lyrics is very hard to do, but the lyrics by RY X and Jeff Buckley are so insanely beautiful. They both write poetic and vulnerable lyrics. As a listener you just get suck into those beautiful words. The best part is that both of them sing amazing and with so much emotion in their voice.


Jeff Buckley:

At which place would you love to play a concert?

There are so many places we would like to play and share our music. Think about Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, Down The Rabbit Hole, Sziget, Paradiso, Ancienne Belgique etc. If we could play at Eurosonic Noorderslag next year, it will be a dream come true for us!


You van find LIANA here: Facebook / Site

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