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Vragen van “Den Beir”: Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons

Gerry Lange sat in front of Danny in high school math. Gerry would always turn around to talk to Danny about guitars, and after repeated pleas to stop from the teacher, he was suspended from the class. The two soon started writing music together and began playing in several New York bands. They shared a love for artists like Tears for Fears, Cyndi Lauper, and the Cure and quickly turned their attention towards starting their own project. After a year of writing and rehearsing without telling another soul, the appropriately named “Secret Weapons” was born. The New York two-piece finally launched in 2015, and have been building buzz in NYC with outlandish live performances and even wilder after-party DJ sets.

Danny, one half of the duo, decided to answer some questions for us.

What is your all-time favorite song?

I can only answer this one for myself. It’s always changing, but at the moment it is probably “First Day of my Life” by Bright Eyes. It’s a song that throughout my teenage years I would put on in during hard times. I would go for a walk and listen to it on repeat for hours and hours. It’s such a simple song that is so emotionally powerful. It has sort of taken on different meanings to me at different times in my life.

Which song is perfect for a Road Trip?

“I Drove All Night” – any version. Since we drive all night for shows on tour, we often will throw this up on spotify and try to see how many different versions of it we can listen to in a row. There are endless, endless covers and remixes on spotify, and its really funny listening to how awful some of them are.

To which song do you like to clean?

We’re really dirty boys and rarely clean…

What’s the perfect song to wake up with?

Fat Bottom Girls – Queen. Just being ripped in the face with those opening harmonies is so clearly “the beggining of something”, that it feels like the perfect way to start one’s day.

What’s your favorite artist from your home city?

Vampire Weekend. They’re pioneers and all around next-level artists.

Which artist do you think is too underrated and which one is overrated?

I think Oliver is an extremely underrated artist. There isn’t much main-stream love, but such incredible music. I’m not sure who is overrated right now, to get to any level where one can be considered overrated in the first place, you must’ve worked your ass off so hard and done something right.

If you could be one artist for a day, who would that be?

I don’t really want to be another artist, but there are artist’s whose careers I greatly admire, like The Killers or The Strokes. They’ve cemented themselves as truly great live performers who have dominated these very specific lanes of music which also have mass appeal.

What’s the best song to make love to? (…to ask someone out?)

Clearly “let’s get it on”. One day i’ll use it.

What’s the most beautiful lyric you’ve ever heard?

“and i will try to fix you”. simplicity is everything to me.

At which place would you love to play a concert?

Madison Square Garden. It’s our hometown and it means we’ve done something right.

madison square

You can find Secret Weapons here: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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